Its all about Business

One of the best parts in being a blogger is you get the chance to get out there and meet other bloggers in  real life! Whether it is meeting for coffee, a group blogger meet up, or blogging conference meeting the girls behind the computer is always fun. If you are looking to expand your blog and grow I would suggest investing in some business cards! Sound a little silly? I used to think so but it is not at all!! Especially if you are selling any sort of products or services through your blog, business cards are a m u s t  h a v e. 

I had my cards made by Mallory Hope Design (she is amazing!!) who has a million different options for you to  choose from. Her creative brain comes up with the best color combinations, details, and esthetics! Take a look below....

"Hi, I'm Mallory. The designer behind Mallory Hope Design. I lovingly create stylish, graphic and print design. I am a perfectionist with a passion for all things design — I am obsessed with fonts, colors, and layouts. My style is modern and clean. Thanks for stopping by! "

I wanted mine to be simple and classic so this is the option I opted for....

Totally obsessed with them, and everyone is always asking me where I got them done!Yes ladies, make people jealous of your business cards! :)

Please visit Mallory HERE and favorite her Etsy store! If you are in the market I would highly suggest!!

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