the day to wear green

shorts: A&F // shirt + blazer: F21 // necklace: Etsy // shoes: Chuck Taylors

This weekend is St. Patty's day!! I think this is the one holiday that is celebrated everywhere and never a dull moment to be had. This year it falls on Sunday...  I will be acting like an adult by not consuming any green beer + working instead! Hope you all consume enough for you and me :)

So major drama in blog land this week? I think you all know I am referring to GFC and their announcement to be ending as of July 1st. I am not very good at change... I mean, at all... but I will learn to adjust! Bloglovin' it must be. Anyone who is used to Bloglovin' give me some pointers, it seems a little confusing. You can follow C&B on Bloglovin' HERE, and I will make sure to hit the follow back so I don't miss out on any fabulous posts. 

Happy Friday + Happy Weekend!

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