making new friends

entire outfit: F21 // shoes: LA fashion district // watch: MK // bracelet c/o Sophistifunk

Yes, entire outfit is from forever 21 & I believe in all it cost me mayyybe $50! Love it! Anyways, it was such a great day here in Arizona. I am not usually a fan of this state & about 80% of the year I wish I lived elsewhere BUT these few weeks have been amazing. The smell of fresh cut grass, sunscreen & chlorine fill the air, plus the sunsets are beautiful! 

I had the best conversation yesterday with my fellow blogging beauty Shanna! Shanna was one of the first friends I met in the blog universe & she has been there for me the whole journey. Everything from insecurities, to blog meltdowns, boy drama + excitement, & of course fashion advice. Many of you bloggers who work from home may relate that working by yourself in your home all day can be awesome (I mean who gets to wear pj's to work daily?) however on the other hand it can take a toll on your emotions. Getting the chance to talk to someone who can relate to how you are feeling in blog land is such a treat. I mean no one gets bloggers like other bloggers! So tell me, who are your blogging bff's? If you are looking for a new one, I connect on many social levels so lets get together.  I am always up for a good conversation! Happy Thursday Dolls


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