I'm going to pick up swimming

shoes & shirt: Forever21 // shorts: Nordstrom // c/o YesWalker // watch: MK

I always blog on Sunday nights for Monday's post. I unlike other bloggers who have their whole weeks planned in advanced, am the blogger who stresses out the night before because it has not even crossed my mind.  I can actually be a very stressful person to be around when I am frantically trying to be creative.  It's like my brain just shuts down and any creative juice is out the door. If you can't tell by this post creativity is not my friend tonight. 

I am loving these shorts! I got them from Nordstrom last year + have been waiting to pair them just right. The front pleats give it the illusion of a skirt which makes them a little dresser than regular shorts. The light material is super comfy + a must for this 100+ weather AZ has been having. I paired a lace shirt, and my fav fun heels (blogger no no, I wore these shoes in Friday's post... whoops!) for a perfect night out outfit. 

On that note I am off to bed, tomorrow is going to come early since I have to beat the heat for my morning workouts. Thinking about picking up swimming this summer, its a win win I'll get a tan and a workout = no brainer! 

Happy Monday! 

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