a girl obsession & spring cleaning

entire outfit: F21 // flip flops: Old Navy // necklace: Etsy 

Okay so confession time.  I am sure you are all with me on this one, but I had a minor obsession with the Bachelors this year.  Not because of Sean, I mean he's great, but I was obsessed with some of the girls on the show. Best season yet if you ask me! One girl, who when got voted off I literally cried & stomped my feet was..... Miss Lesley M! First off she is beautiful, she is fashionable & by far had the best personality! I was obsessed. If anyone can remember when she had her 1-on-1 with Sean in St. Croix, Lesley was sporting the CUTEST pink maxi skirt?? Yes, I was obsessed.  It was from Zara & it is currently sold out.  I found this knock off at F21, that I do like, but something about that other skirt was amazing!!! However this maxi is $12 dollars currently at forever so go get yourself one!!!

Recently I have been totally into spring cleaning. My house is becoming much less crowded + it feels amazing. Taking bags and bags of trash out each day is such a relief.  I mean do we actually need all this crap we keep? Answer my ladies is... NO! Get it out & make room for the new. Spring is always a time to start over. Sun is shinning, music is always good this time of year & it is perfect to have a fresh start! I am loving my spring cleaning & organizing that seems to be taking place. So tell me, do you do a big spring cleaning? If so what do you do to organize?! Share your tips I am interested!!!


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