do I look like spring?

shoes + skirt: Forever21 // shirt: Target // necklace c/o Glam Grab

So I am super bummed I can't enter the $450 giveaway because I could sure use some new clothing.  I was getting dressed yesterday & realized I seriously have n o  c l o t h e s! Like none. I was desperately trying to find something to wear, rushing of course because I am always late & Brie was about to arrive any minute. Good thing she is always late too! I sent her a text that read, "I need to go shopping, like now!" her response, "no worries, Ill write a paper while you run to the mall!" as only a fashionista would respond. I didn't run to the mall (I am on this little thing called a budget) so I rummaged through my closet & found my fav yellow skirt I have not worn in a very long time. I paired it with mint & a lace peplum top & was ready to roll. As soon as Brie picked me up I asked, "Hey, do I look like spring?!" the response: "Stesha, you are in sunshine yellow, mint, & white lace....totally feeling the Christmas vibe!' This my friends is why Brie & I were made to be friends! Moral of the story, you don't need to be always out spending $$$ on clothes, just pick through those hangers & find a piece you can style again!

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