on being old

romper: Forever21 // shoes: Charlotte Russe // jacket: Nordstrom

Arizona is usually very predictable with it's weather. Sunny, hot, clear skies, 0 mph wind, 0% precipitation.... same old every day. EXCEPT lately there has been major wind storms & just so happens the wind storms are on the days I am out taking outfit photos! Very annoying. My stringy hair is difficult enough to deal with, having wind is just not my friend!

Anyways enough rambling about wind it is Friday & that is exciting in it's self! This weekend I will be finishing up the last batch of senior pictures I have been working on. Shooting senior pictures takes me back to my high school days. The "kids" as I like to call them always ask, Stesh when did you graduate from high school? ohhh in 2004! The looks on their faces are hysterical.  They literally think I am older than dirt, 2004 that was like almost 10 years ago! Then I hear myself tell them how fast time fly's so take in as many experiences as possible & don't grow up too fast. Then I stop cuz I realized what I just said & I officially accept that I. am. old :( 

In going with that, I will probably be old this weekend by working & watching movies on my couch... but hey thats ok.  I have come to peace with my age! Happy Weekend beauties!


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