life according to my iPhone + pre-sale!

1. My fav hanger from Pearls & Pastries 
2. Blogger dinner night with Brie & Erin
3. homemade mimosa's 
4. Spring is in full bloom
5. placed top 4 in AZ FootHills Magazine Battle of the Blogs
5. Photo shoot time 
7. Remember to live happy on the inside
8. Tulips are the way to my heart
9. Pizzeria Bianco was amazing

Thank you for all your feed back last week on helping me buy for the shop! I have had so many emails asking for pre orders I thought I would give you all a chance to purchase before the shop opens next week. Each day this week I will have one item available for pre sale just. for. you! 

For this wonderful Monday I have this uuuuber popular Chevron Dress! I am obsessed with this baby!!! I have already had emails for it, so it will sell fast! E-mail me today if you want this beauty to hang in your closet. $45 + shipping! Will ship as soon as payment is received :)


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