let's get personal

romper: LA boutique // shoes: TOMS //  watch: MK // jewels: Tiffany & Co. 

Happy Tuesday my Blogging Beauties (BB... for now I am going to address you all as my BB's) I am here to get a littler personal with you today. Not the emotional side of SJ but personal as in physical side. Okay warning, this is kinda gross but I feel I have to share & I am going to be looking for feedback from you all as well. 
On January 20th I ran the P.F. Changs Rock n Roll half marathon. This was my second half so I knew what to expect. I have heard horror stories from runners who have lost their toe nails from running.... ewww loosing toe nails sounds sick! Well guess what happened?! Yepp, I ran the half & the next day I couldn't figure out why my big toes were so sore. I refused to take my nail polish off to look at them for weeks, but once I did my fear came to real life, I was looking at 2 very black big toe nails. saddddd & grosssss! I have been waiting patiently to see what would happen with each nail until last week when one fell off. Yuck! Now I have a nub for a toe. What do I do?! It is seriously so gross, a big toe with no nail?! And to make it worse I am still waiting for the other nail to fall off. 
My question to you is: 1st has this ever happened to any of you? 2nd: I know I can't wear shoes all summer, 110 degrees in AZ = flip flops not shoes, so what do I do? Help meeeee!! 

On a fashion note, I have this beautiful T-strap top on pre-sale today!! I am obsessed with this coral color & the back adds just the perfect amount of flare. Email me if you have to have it,  I can't wait to wear it myself!!! $32 - they will sell fast so email like now!! 

I am going to place another order for the Chevron Dress from yesterday so if you are still wanting it let me know!!! Can't wait for you all to see the grand opening next week!!!!


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