some of my fav's lately

Austin, Texas is coming up in August & I am counting the days till I visit.  It is also the #1 place to live in the US.... I may be doing more than visiting!

pearls & pastries utensils are adorable right? I love this Etsy shop, everything the shop has to offer  adds an extra bit of sparkle. 

target sandals I have been eyeing these babies for weeks now. I just need to bite the bullet & go buy them.

inspiration for thank-you cards was so fun to make. If you follow the shop's instagram @classicandbubblytheshop you will be able to see all the cards I made yesterday. I got in-touch with my crafty side!!

windmill winery is where I will be tying the knot! Well, one day! First I must find myself a man who is willing to put up with me forever. This place is amazingly beautiful, I am in the process of a couple contacts to hopefully shoot 2 weeding there this fall. 

perfume bottle as a vase is genius. I love this idea and will be trying to make this into a DIY project stat. 

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