hair pain + monsters in my closet

jeans: Paige Denim // shirt: Nordstrom // necklace: Classic & Bubbly // bag: Target // shoes: Charlotte Russe

It is Wednesday & time to get random! Speaking of Random Wednesday's not only am I liking up with Shanna with Because Shanna Said So but Shan is also having a very special giveaway to Classic & Bubbly THE SHOP so make sure you head on over + link up + enter to win some moooooney! 

+ So this is going to sounds really weird but I need to know if I am the only one who experiences this. Every now + then I have this pain on top my head where my hair is. It is kinda hard to explain but it is the same feeling you get when you have your hair in a pony tail for too long... you know when you take it down it hurts really bad? Expect my hair is not in a pony ever anymore and every time I move the top pieces from side to side the pain is out. of. control. It is the oddest thing! I have googled it but the answers I have find state that pregnancy could be the cause. That cannot be my issue, trust me I am not prego! If any of you have experience this pain in your hair let me know!!

+ Lately I have been super lazy with my appearance. Where I do not want to get dressed in anything other than work out clothes anymore. The temps in AZ are heatin' up, so comfy work out clothes it is. I was even debating workout clothes as an outfit post but not sure how you would all take that. If I keep this obsession up you might just see it!

+ Ok,  I have to share this with you too, the other night I was sleeping (no bad dreams this time! I learned if I read before bed I dream of my books!) and I heard a big noise at 2:30am. WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?! I have lived in the same condo since the beginning of college, moved away and then moved back almost 3 years ago. I used to get scared alllll the time, to the point I would leave & sleep over at friends houses, but since those days I grown up + became an adult! However the other night I reverted right back to being a baby & freaked out. I heard the loudest noise that woke me from my fabulous REM sleep, so I got up + checked my bathroom. PS my bathroom is attached to my bedroom (like someone could get in my locked bedroom, sneak past me + hang out in the bathroom, but I had to check just to make sure. Nothing was different. No one was there.  Now I officially think I am going crazy. I listened next to my door because  no way in h - e - double hockey sticks am I going to open the door and actually look.  I didn't hear anything. Ok, I crawled  back into bed, anxiously trying to not be a baby. Then bang I hear it again, and it dawns on me..... my stupid shoe rack has fallen over in my closet! UHHHH again! Needless to say I am too angry at it for waking me that I now have shoes everywhere. I refuse to fix it just yet!

+ One last thing, I know my "about me" pages are not up + working just yet so if you have questions email me! That also goes for questions about the shop as well. Any products that are sold out, if you are wanting more in sock let me know your favs + I will get the order in :)

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