Bridal Shower Planning

One of my very best friends is getting married in November, which means bridal shower & bachelorette party planning is getting kicked into full gear! Thank you to pinterest my imagination has gone crazy thinking of all the fabulous pretty things we can do to celebrate in fashion. I just can't seem to pick one idea and stick with it, I tend to see something else I want to top it. Theme, colors, games.... there are just so many choices.  I have never planned anything like this before so I want to make sure I deliver & not disappoint! Here are some ideas I have had, of course I am living in an imaginary world where money grows on trees, so I am hoping my creative & talented blog friends will give me the pointers I need. 

I am LOOOVING these outdoor table decor ideas.  The big balloons, the draping, & flowers are all perfect, any suggestions on how to DIY?!
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The drinks are always something that have to be adorable. There will be a champagne bar (I am in charge of that!) & the mason jars with lemonade is great for non alcoholic beverages. 
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Some fun ideas just to have around the shower. Items that add a little personal touch to the couple just make it more memorable. What are some fun & classy games to play at the shower?!
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Any web sites, photo galleries, or ideas are certainly welcome so please email me or comment below! Thanks Blogging Beauties!!

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