hosting bachelorette re-cap!

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Welcome to Tuesday, official day of hangover TV! I mean I watched 5 freaking hours of TV last night, not just so I can blog about it but because I really enjoy sitting on the couch watching this entertainment. Real Housewives, theVoice and of course all time fav The bachelorette! 

Speaking of miss Des herself, I am honored to host the link up for Meg & Kasey weekly Bachelorette re-cap!
So lets re-cap shall we:
+ I official dislike Ben but all these dudes need to get over it and stop worrying about him. They are focusing too much on hs douchi-ness
+ Jaun Pablo = sexual! 
+ I liked Brad but seriously bores and snores. I am sure he will find a nice girl someday he just might wanna work on jump starting his personality!
+ Zach W was adorbs with that song.  I really like him now, he is one of my projected last man standing - I'm not sure about the winner but he will go far.
+ Jame's date was touching but I am not too sure I am sold on him yet
Cant wait to see what comes next week....Germany here we come!

The final performances of the Voice was tonight as well.  My vote is still Miss Danielle Bradbery! Tomorrow night can not come quick enough!!!

I am linking up with Laura, Lauren, and of course hosting for Meg & Kasey today!


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