summer trends

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Today I wanted to get some opinions on some hot trends that are big this summer. I have been noticing them around lately so I did some research and here is what I found. 1. Overalls - yay or nay? This is one I am not sure yet, I mean I loved overalls when I was 7, does it still count now that I am almost 27? or this is trend for 17 year olds? 2. Round Nails - this for me is a nay. I  am all for experimenting with color and styles but I am not sure this rounded edge will be for me. 3. High Waisted Swim Suit - I am going to say love, although I have never tried one on yet. They look sassy and super flattering!! 4. Colored Heels - If done correctly this is totally amaze balls, if done wrong I think I will not be allowing them in the closet. 

So what are your thoughts on these trends? 

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