get creative with your closet

shorts: Target // shirt: Francesca's Boutique // bandeau: Free People // shoes: Steve Madden // watch: MK // lips: Rimmel London

I get asked plenty the same question, "How do you not wear the same outfit twice? You must have a huge closet full of clothes!" As flattered as I am that anyone could think I don't wear the same outfit twice, that is completely not true! For those who know me, know if I find an outfit I love, I will wear it almost daily as if maybe it should be washed once in a while! However I am a fashionista on a budget, I mean of course I would love to be Miss Julia, however my bank account can not afford that caliber  but I will keep reading her blog + fantasize about someday having a clothes as fabulous as hers. Until then, it is all about buying pieces that can be worn different ways, different levels of dressy, and appear as though it is the first time you have worn the item! I only brought one, yes ONE suitcase full of clothes with me to Canada for the summer (ok and one full of shoes too!) + shopping in this town... well that is almost non existent! I am starting to pride myself + also challenge myself for that matter to be as creative as possible with the clothes I have to work with. I tend to sit + stare for hours at my clothes until bam, something pops out at me. 

So, on my budget friendly mission for the summer I want to show you how you can style many pieces different to make them appear new! 

+ See how I styled these leather Target shorts differently HERE & HERE

+ See how I styled this Francesca's crochet top HERE & HERE

It is ok to wear the same item multiple times, it is even better when you get creative + start to style it differently each time. A little brain work for ya! For all those on a spending freeze, actually for all those in general, I challenge you to get creative with the items you already have + see what new fabulous outfits you can come up with! Happy Friday Blogging Beauties, enjoy your weekend!

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