baseball tee

jeans (SIMILAR) (SIMILAR): Abercrombie & Fitch // baseball tee (SIMILAR) c/o Aeropostale // vest (HERE): Old Navy // hat (SIMILAR): American Eagle // bag (SIMILAR) c/o Pink Slip Boutique // shoes (HERE): Converse // earrings (HERE): Nordstrom lips: MAC 'snob' // nails (HERE): Essie 'find me an oasis'

I am not a huge fan of watching sports on TV (shocker!) but I do love attending in person a game or two no matter what the sport is. Although Arizona doesn't have a very good track record for winning in sports being in the environment with friends or on a date is a blast. The best part of going to the games?!? Obviously dressing for the occasion! Last week I got to go to my first diamondbacks game of the season, since it was a chilly evening I chose to wear my favorite A&F jeans with the comfiest baseball tee. Too cliche? I think not! I also threw on my army vest  for some warmth and my all white chucks to finish off the look. The wind was in full desert mode so I wore this feminine white lace hat to keep my hair somewhat tamed. Even with my cute outfit it wasn't enough for the dbacks to win... I think they may be the worst in the league this year but that wont stop me! Happy Monday!

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