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I am so excited to talk to you about the amazing skin care line, Enza! I am sure you have been seeing their name pop up all over blogland and for good reason. I have always had sensitive skin so I was a little hesitant when deciding to work with Enza. I had great skin in high school but as I got older my skin got more sensitive so I have been very careful to what skin products I use. 

I have naturally a lot of red undertones that make my skin appear splotchy so when Enza asked my trouble spots or what I would like to improve on getting rid of redness was at the top of the list! Followed closely by anti aging, I mean 27 is not old but it certainly is not 17 any more. Enza listened to exactly what I wanted and went me an amazing packet with daily instructions as well as a full page explaining each product, their ingredients, and how the product works. 

I have two routines, one for the morning and one for night time!

For the Day routine I have cleanser, cool sustaining toner (gets all that extra dirt off with out any hard alcohol so not irritation to the skin),  RosaCalm to help tame redness, vitamin C (must have for all faces!) and the final step is a glow cream. I have really noticed a more overall even tone to my skin + I have only been using the line for a week!

My night time routine is very similar except I swap out the RosaCalm for Face Firming Complex. I need to get these wrinkles under control asap!

The Enza team is being so awesome as to giving all Classic & Bubbly readers 40% off their total order until May 20th! Use code "CLASSICBUBBLY" at check out! Seriously if you are in the market for a new skin line or you are jus not satisfied with your current skin care products visit Enza, you will be glad you did!! 

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