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shirt: Classic & Bubbly // shorts & vest: Forever21 // shoes: Steve Madden // necklace c/o

With all  my re-designing & re-branding I have been doing these past few weeks I decided to finally update and keep up to date with my sponsor + advertisement pages.  I know I have been pushing aside emails and not staying on top of inquiries about sponsoring so I apologize for that.  I have decided to go with passion fruit adds as most of you lovely ladies already use. I have made my sponsoring super easy + straight to the point. I am offering the code OPENNOW for 10% off all codes for the rest of May!! If you are already sponsoring me nothing will change with what is already done, this is just in place moving forward. You can go to my sponsor page HERE to learn more about the two options that are available! Thank you for all your support + if you have any questions at all please feel free to email me!

Now for some pointless real important issues in world today....high wasted short shorts! I am being very daring in these peach babies today + borderline thinking they are maybe a little too risk-eh. (spelling on that?!) I always see them on celebs like Tay Swift so I bought a pair. What do you think? Can I pull them off or should they be put in the drawer + never touched again?

ps. I am obsessed with this shirt I got in at THE SHOP, it is perfection!! I chose to tuck it in & I dont' have a shirt on underneath, it is sheer but not too see through, I know there were a couple questions about that. Make sure you follow @classicandbubblytheshop on instagram, flash sales & share it to win it's are happening.

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