I told you I would

shoes: Nike // pants: champion // shirt: Lululemon // hat: ASU bookstore // water bottle: F21

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend... now time to get back to work! I actually spent my whole day yesterday working my little butt off, you all ordered up a storm this weekend!! I am going to have to really get shopping for new merchandise for ya'll. 

Last week I threatened that I may be doing an outfit post in work-out clothes..... I bet you didn't think I'd actually do it did ya?! Well my friends I have been in gym clothes for the past two weeks + getting dressed just wasn't going to happen these past couple of days. So you are thinking cool she goes to the gym + stays like that all day. Uhhh not the case at. all.  I am just too lazy to do anything with my appearance so this is my go to. When I am out running errands I get asked, oh how was your work out? or On the way to the gym? yeahhhh suuuure. 

On another note, who's watching the Bachelorette? 1st.  I love Des, she is adorable, 2nd. These men are outrageous! Come on dudes, really? 3rd. I love Ben, I hope he is actually genuine! 4th. The guy with the fantasy suite, are you a joke?!?! 5th. Hash tag boy.... #youreadork #trytoohard #bye! This season is going to be an addicting season for sure. 

That's all for me today,  I'm off in my gym clothes! Happy Tuesday beauties!

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