ice cream cones or coconut oil?

shoes: Target // shorts: Nordstrom // blouse: Forever21 // earrings c/o Acute Designs

Are you obsessed with these earrings?! They are apart of Acute Designs Spring Collection this year. I feel they look like little ice cream cones... do you see it? Maybe it is my obsession with ice creme but when I see them I just want to run out & buy a mint chocolate chip double scoop in a waffle cone! I bet half of you will go buy a cone today now that you have read this ;) 

Two weeks ago I got my hair re-highlighted as I am sure most of you have noticed & have commented on, however it is breaking off and very dry (insert crying emoji here please!) I was at a loss, I worked all winter trying to grow it long & get it healthy so I refused to have it come to a halt now. Let me introduce you to the wonderful magic formula every girl should have in her bathroom.... coconut oil! Yes, this is magic in a bottle! I use it as my eye make up remover, I use it as shaving cream, & I use it as a conditioning mask for my hair. Ladies, I am not kidding coconut oil works wonders & its cheap! Get your butts to Trader Joes this week & pick up a bottle for yourself! That is my beauty secret for the day, if you all have secret please share share share!!


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