these things called dreams

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What do dreams mean? And in dreams I mean the kind you have at night time when you are sleeping not the dreams you may have about your life or career.... or are they the same thing? I feel they are different! The dreams you have about your life can be controlled because well, you are not actually in a dream state of mind, right? But the dreams you have at night or during the day while sleeping are uncontrollable + frankly just confuse the heck out of me! I go through periods of time when every time I am sleeping my dreams are crazy. Some of them make sense, some do not at all, some are nightmares and I wake up in a panic + deep sweat. Do you dream about the last thing you thought about before bed that night? I used to think that was true but I dunno, doesn't really seem to be what it is. Lately I have been dreaming of people who are no longer in my life.... do they just want to make special appearance in my dreams to haunt me? I don't see them day to day so they just feel they have the right to take over my subconscious mind where I have no control? I have been told there are great dream books you can purchase, but I am not dreaming of forests, or butterflies, or being at a party. My dreams are weird situations thats I am not even sure I can describe. My dreams seem to come & go, usually lasting a month or two then I am free for a little. Today I am going to spend some time taking a break from working + check out the dream section of Barns & Nobles trying to figure out these darn things! 

Happy Weekend! 

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