why I stick to fashion posts

shorts: Target // blouse: Rebecca Taylor // shoes: Jessica Simpson // watch: MK // bracelet + ring: Tiffany & Co. // necklace: F21

I was trying to get back on the routine of having my posts post every morning at 5:00AM PST,  I  just feel better because I am not waking up in the morning stressing about getting pictures up & writing something creative. Well flop on me again today! Last night I got a huge shipment of clothing in & well lets saying I was playing dress up all night. I am not sure how I am going to make any $ because I keep wanting to keep all the clothes for myself!! I have a feeling you ladies are going to be in love with some of the pieces I have to share. 

Lately I have been really reading blogs like The Daily Tay & i wore yoga pants and man those girls can write. They are seriously so funny, I crack up to myself! Yes sitting in Starbucks or Barns & Nobles  laughing out loud. Im the weird girl in the corner on her computer daily, people may think I am a college student yet I am just there with no books, no study material, just me & my computer reading away laughing. I really admire girls who can write exactly what I am thinking but can't seem to get out. I was reading i wore yoga pants the other day and everything I read was exactly what I was thinking or could relate too. I believe good writing is a talent, one I seem to lack but can hopefully make up with my photos?! Reason #256 I am not a lifestyle blogger & stick to fashion pics! 

And that's all I have for you on this Friday, I am off to do product photos with all the pretty clothes that arrived last night. See you BB Monday!

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