fruits make you healthy

I am going to take a little break from fashion today & talk about healthy eating for a little. Summer time usually contains lots of vacations, late night eating & drinking's, & parties parties parties! Although all of this is fun, our healthy eating habits go out the door, so today I am just touching on some of my favorite fruit I eat daily to take care of myself & stay healthy during this summer heat. I promise tomorrow will be back to fashion! 

+ blueberries are said to be the "healthiest fruit" because of their #1 ranking in antioxidants! This helps with premature aging ladies, so get out there and eat some blueberries in your cereal or yogurt each morning! You can read more on blueberries in this article from Fitness Magazine

+ apples are great for many things in your body, but I eat them for brightening my TEETH! And I typically only love green or mixed apples, red ones... no thank you!  You can read an article from Best Health magazine on 15 other health benefits you get from eating apples! 

+ banana's and I have a love hate relationship! When I lived in Hawaii my family used to grow little baby bananas that were oh so sweet & yummy. Being back on the mainland, eating regular bananas is just not the same. Once I read this article from knowledge bank on facebook  how naners help with anxiety, hangovers, pms, etc. I started to eat them on the regular! 

+ cherries always remind me of summer time, ever since I was a little girl we would get buckets of hand picked cherries and eat them on the top balcony every July 1st watching the fire works.  I love cherries, and living in British Columbia in the summer we are surrounded by cherry orchards. They help with joint swelling and sleep patterns both benefit me! You can read more on cherries in this article from The Guardian

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